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Zambia is an exquisite landlocked country of rugged terrain with a population of more than 17 million people. It is commonly regarded as one of the most beautiful, friendly, diverse and unspoiled countries on the entire African continent. Zambia is known for their array of wonderful waterfalls, cascades, and rapids.

Zambia is blessed with an abundance of natural resources such as gold, silver, copper, uranium, lead, etc. However, despite the abundance of these resources Zambians face many hardships that neither you nor I can fathom.


According to Pastor Daka Rabson, Zambia faces many challenges. For example, over 75% have no access to clean water or sanitation. People need to walk about a mile just to get clean water from a well that is hand-pumped. Pastor Daka also stated that someone had stolen the pump which pumps out clean water for drinking, bathing and cooking for the community. Now they must walk even further to the next town to get their water. Wow. Can you imagine having to walk miles just to have clean water to drink or bathe?

Good medical care is another challenge that is not easily accessible. The hospitals and clinics are understaffed and lack the basic equipment and supplies of medicine to receive adequate care so many become sick and diseased. One must wait 12-15 hrs. just to be seen!

Access to good jobs and quality education are among the other greater challenges that Zambia faces. Agriculture accounts for 80% of employment but natural hazards such as periodic droughts and tropical storms destroy crops and livestock needed to eat. Zambia is plagued by poor education due to the lack of school materials and proper infrastructure.




In recent months, Greater Works International and Pastor Daka Rabson of Lusaka, Zambia partnered up to bring a food outreach campaign to their community, Project Zambia.

The outreach took place in a town called Kanyama where the population is over 64,000. There the challenges seemed insurmountable. The biggest challenge of all was the torrential rains which flooded the area the gathering was to be held. The hills inundated with mud and water prevented people from leaving their homes. But what seemed impossible, God made a way!  Zambia_RainThe rain subsided just enough for volunteers to march up the hill, wearing their heavy rain coats and boots, and delivered food to those that were stuck. Praise the Lord!



Pastor Daka and his team of ministers and volunteers, pressed forward to share the gospel house to house in fellowship with the community.  Despite the challenges, the outreach was a success; over 600 people were fed, with 48 giving their lives to Christ.


Perhaps you are interested in assisting us in this effort and sowing a seed to reach the nations of the world. There are seZambia_Feedingveral ways you can help, a) Prayer is always needed to move the hand of God in these situations, but as the bible states, faith without works is dead being alone. Hence, prayers alone is not enough b) So we strongly urge you to consider, saving and going on a trip to help meet the need in person. In this way you can extend a helping hand and communicate the need to others as a first-hand witness, c) Lastly, if you are not yet ready to go because of other commitments, you can always become a partner by making a small monthly commitment of $10, $25, $50, $75 or even $100.

In this way you can share in being a partaker of the great harvest of souls.

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