The World Missions Center was founded in order to provide churches and missionaries with a forum for collaboration in an effort to change the world for Christ. The WMC is designed to assist, inspire and equip leaders with the necessary tools to build 21st century churches, and to provide missionaries with resources needed to effectively complete their God-given assignments to reach the nations of the world.

IMG_6018 Project Brazil is one of the many Kingdom opportunities that we have been graced to support thanks to the collaboration with other ministry leaders. We recently had the privilege of going into Brazil and met with some of the local churches and missionaries to understand the needs in both the urban and rural areas of this region. Through the help of local ministry leaders and partners such as Missionary Lisa Groves, we were able to travel into some of the interior zones where we observed first-hand the need for cross-cultural evangelism.

Here are just a few places we visited:

Favelas – These are considered the urban, low income, poverty stricken communities, were drugs, gangs, criminal activity and prostitution are rampant. Consequently, there are dysfunctional families and children are often either abandoned or quickly consumed into less desirable ways of life. In addition, disease is a major concern because of lack of proper sanitation. These are just a few of the immediate needs that the local ministries are challenged with, and are desperately reaching out to the body of Christ for support. We thank God that through these efforts many more ministry partners are becoming aware of the needs existing in these areas and are beginning to take on the challenge.

IMG_6032Quilombos – Other issues which exists within the rural areas, known as the rain-forests of Brazil. Although this is considered the jungle, deep in the interior of these forest are people who have lived there for centuries. These people live very simple lives, but many times are in need of the basic necessities like clothes, tooth-paste, deodorant, diapers, lighting, and most of all evangelism. Hence, as a strategy we work with teams, comprised of local missionaries who have established relationships with these villages and have arranged for ministers and missionaries to share the love of Christ. This has made the way for bringing aid to these basic necessities, which in turn creates the opportunity to share Jesus and exhibit the love of Christ through giving.

IMG_5706Cracolandia – One of the most astonishing observations was a phenomenon which happens right in the center of downtown Sao Paulo. Sao Paulo is considered the 6th largest city in the world. By day the city appears somewhat normal, with business running as usual. However, at dusk the city transforms itself and masses (literally hundreds, maybe even thousands) of crack addicts and dealers take to the street and the drug exchanging begins, the pipes come out, as users light-up and begin consuming this powerful substance. In moments, the streets are filled with prostitutes, young children, pregnant mothers, ex-doctor, dentists, lawyers, common people from every where and from all walks of life. A courageous missionary family oriented our team and led us to take food and drink outside to these hurting people, who resembled something from the night of the living dead. There were scores of people wandering the streets, some not sleeping for 2-3 days. It was in this place, late at night the team sang worship songs, and waited for God to release us to share the good news of Jesus – that he still heals, provides for the poor, delivers those that are oppressed and sets the captives free. One user standing nearby said, I don’t want to do drugs anymore. He was about 40 years old and said he doesn’t have any connection with his family. He mentioned, his mother tried to kill him as a toddler, so he didn’t feel wanted. IMG_5723But right there on the street of downtown Sao Paulo, he said he was ready for a change and accepted Jesus as Lord of his life. In recent weeks we learned that a prominent denomination shut-off funding for this project. Thanks to God that teams have come together to stand in the gap and have began giving to this incredible need. We ask that you will consider helping us to reach the nations of the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Perhaps you are interested in assisting us in this effort and sowing a seed to reach the nations of the world. There are several ways you can help, a) Prayer is always needed to move the hand of God in these situations, but as the bible states, faith without works is dead being alone. Hence, prayers alone is not enough b) So we strongly urge you to consider, saving and going on a trip to help meet the need in person. In this way you can extend a helping hand and communicate the need to others as a first-hand witness, c) Lastly, if you are not yet ready to go because of other commitments, you can always become a partner by making a small monthly commitment of $10, $25, $50, $75 or even $100.

In this way you can share in being a partaker of the great harvest of souls. To donate click the link on the right >>>>>

Project Brazil